Hetzer PE Update
(for DML 6030)

Voyager Model   PE35009

    PE35009 set is designed for Dragon (DML) Hetzer model in 1/35 scale. The set is packed in a Voyager's usual thick paper compact disc case. Inside the case are instructions printed on three sides of two A4 size paper sheets and a resealable plastic bag with all parts inside. Instructions diagrams are relatively simple and clear. Four frets of photoetched parts are included, with one of them containing just one part - small rhomboid mesh shield. One of larger frets is made of copper, what makes parts softer and easier to bend. Aside from PE parts we also get two ABS rods.

Contents of the set.
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First page of instructions.
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Second page of instructions.
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Third page of instructions.
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    Sizes of photoetched frets are:
A - 64 mm x  95 mm / 0.15 mm thick brass
B - 64 mm x  96 mm / 0.15 mm thick copper
C - 20 mm x  20 mm / 0.15 mm thick brass
D - 24 mm x  32 mm / 0.25 mm thick brass

Additional parts are: one 103 mm long 0.5 mm diameter ABS rod and one 52 mm long 1 mm diameter ABS rod.

   Some of included parts are:

- new rear fenders made of copper. These are rather soft and require some caution to avoid damaging them. But thanks to their soft nature it should be very easy to add embossed lines to them using tip of ball pen, as shown in instructions. Fenders mounting brackets are made of brass and while some rivet / bolt details are present on them, you get additional tiny brass rivets on one of the fret to add to them.

- multipart clamps and brackets for pioneer and service tools.

- two options of storage box - solid style and perforated style.

- new copper and brass front fenders (again lines need to be embossed in copper part with a ball pen).

- fine mesh engine intake screen and solid sliding cover for it.

- perforated muffler shield.

- brass side skirts with all mounting brackets. To each bracket you need to add a small brass washer (0.15 mm thick, 1 mm diameter), tiny brass nut (0.25 mm thick, less than 1 mm diameter) and a bolt made of 2 mm section of 0.5 mm thick ABS rod. Now repeat it twelve times...  If you don't have a microscope at your workbench yet, this is the high time to get one!

- tiny tie downs etched from copper. These are really microscopically small - about 1.5 mm long and a fraction of millimeter wide - even cutting them off the fret would be a challenge!

- a lot of other small details, which are hard to identify and describe without detailed knowledge about Hetzer.

    There are also nice little butterfly nuts included to add to some parts, which should look great when attached. The only problem is that they are made of copper and very soft and easy to damage. One was already broken in my set, but I believe there is more provided than needed.

Photoetched fret A.
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Copper photoetched fret B.
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Photoetched frets C and D.
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   Voyager's set looks great and once you manage to add all parts included in it to your model, it will look impressive. But it is not a set for beginners. A lot of really small parts is included and a lot of experience is needed to handle them. Also inclusion of copper parts, while makes it easier to form some of parts to desired shapes, at the same time it also makes it more difficult to handle same others as they are very fragile. As this is German WW2 subject, unfortunately I cannot comment on accuracy of parts - I'm a modern armor modeler and my knowledge of WW2 armor is very limited.

Recommended for modelers with experience in work with complex PE sets!


Many thanks to Voyager Model for the review sample!

Voyager Models detail sets are available in USA among others from Mission Models. For a list of other resellers and distributors please e-mail Voyager at: Support@voyagermodel.com.


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