75mm KwK37 (L24)
PE Update
(for DML 6233)

Voyager Model   PE35043


    This is the second set in Voyager catalog designed for the Dragon's "three in one" Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.D kit and it includes parts to improve details of only one of three versions that can be built from that kit: 251/9 with 7.5cm KwK37 (L/24) gun. Actually I should probably call this set the first, and the 35045 set should be called second as it carries higher catalog number, but the latter set is the basic one and the best result can be obtained by using both sets to fully enhance 251/9 vehicle model. Set 35043 only includes parts enhancing 251/9 specific details and not the basic vehicle. This set, as the 35045, also includes some resin parts, this time however only a few ammunition pieces.

    The set comes in a plastic bag stapled to a thick paper flap. Inside the bag are three photo-etched brass frets and a small zip-bag with resin parts, all attached to the paper card, plus folded instruction sheet printed on both sides of A5 sized paper.

Contents of the set.
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First page of instructions.
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Second page of instructions.
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Sizes of photo-etched frets are:
A - 48 mm x  64 mm / 0.15 mm thick brass
B - 32 mm x  64 mm / 0.25 mm thick brass
AP029 - 32 mm x  32 mm / 0.15 mm thick brass

Resin parts included are:
- six 75mm empty shells
- four complete 75mm rounds  (all HE).

Included PE parts are:
- complete armor superstructure for the top of Sd.Kfz.251 hull with all brackets and fittings inside,
- complete ammo rack with locking bar, butterfly nuts, etc.,
- locks and handle for storage boxes,
- some switch board (?) details,
- ammo shell bottom caps with primer and engravings details.

We get plenty of spare parts to use in other projects, as provided is much more box latches and butterfly nuts than is required for the target model.

Photo-etched frets.
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Resin parts.
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    The quality of etched parts is very high - standard for Voyager. Some small parts like butterfly nuts will require careful handling. The resin parts have small casting blocks, which need to be carefully removed, but it should be easy. The quality of casting is good in case of full ammo rounds, but shells are not that good as two had jagged edges in my set and walls of some are extremely thin, almost transparent (but that shouldn't be a problem after painting - if only part survives casting block removal).

    Instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

 While this set can be use on its own, it is probably better idea to use it in conjunction with set 35045, which would let the modeler really spice up the 75mm gun armed Hanomag kit.


Many thanks to Voyager Model for the review sample!


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