Clansman 1746

MIG Productions
H 90-151
90 mm


    The subject of this review is a completely new thing for me. First of all it is a 90 mm figure and I have never reviewed or built any figure larger than 1/35 scale. Actually 90 mm scale is new even to MIG Productions, as earlier they only offered 1/9 scale busts in their Historic Series. But not only the figure is much larger than those I'm familiar with, but it portrays Scottish Clansman from 18th century - completely unknown subject for me. This means that I will not even try to describe and name all the pieces of clothing and personal gear this figure comes with. I will just show it all on pictures. The master figure was sculpted by Young B. Song.

    The figure comes in a cardboard box and figure parts are packed in a single zip-bag inside. To protect parts from damage a few styrofoam chips were added to the box. Figure is split into six parts with separate torso, head, arms and legs. In addition to that a separate part is provided for a sheath and a small square base is also included. All parts have mounting pegs molded on, which make parts fit to each other only in one correct way, making assembly process much easier.

    Molding quality is excellent with just a few easy to fill air bubbles and minimal amount of flash. Resin pouring blocks have small area of contact with parts, so should be easy to remove. Details are crisp and extremely well sculpted. The pose of the figure is natural and relaxed. Face is particularly realistic and an angry expression skillfully rendered.

Contents of the set.
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Small resin base and figure legs.
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Close-up shots of figure pieces.
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    I assembled the figure using blue-tac type clay instead of glue to test the fit. Removing pouring blocks and excess resin from parts was very easy. The fit of feet to the base and head and legs to the main torso part was perfect. Arms also fit well, bet narrow gaps remain between them and torso, so some filler should be used here. The whole cleanup and assembly took me less than ten minutes!

Four views of assembled (temporarily, with blue-tac instead of glue) figure.
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  Completed figure is almost 100 mm tall (without a base of course). It is probably a little too much for 90 mm scale figure, but it is not exactly an error - this Highlander could just be one BIG guy :-)

    New MIG Productions figure is excellent in every aspect - professionally sculpted and perfectly molded. Assembly should be quick and easy and the rest depends on the skills of a modeler. Painting tartan pattern on the kilt and scarf can be particularly challenging even for experienced figure painters, but the figure definitely has the potential to become a centerpiece of any collection. Highly recommended!


Many thanks to MIG Productions for the review sample!



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