WWII Soviet Tank Crew

MIG Productions MP72-076

   World War II Soviet Tank Crew set in 1/72 scale from MIG Productions contains three cream colored resin figures. Parts are packed in a small zip-bag with a thick paper flap stapled to it. The picture on a flap shows completed figures and can be used as painting reference.

    All three figures in the set are molded only from waist up, so they can only be used in open hatch of a tank.  Two figures have separate arms and third figure has arms molded with a torso. Three provided heads are very similar to each other, each wearing soft tank helmet.

Contents of the set.
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Close-up of one figure's torso and arms.
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Close-up of heads.
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    Figures are very well sculpted and molded. Details are crisp and those on faces and hands are natural and well reproduced considering the small scale.

   There are no air bubbles and no flash on parts in my set. Resin pouring blocks should not be difficult to remove. On head and arms parts there are small resin "pins" added on top of each part, which have to be removed. They were added to make sure that resin reaches all tight spaces in the mold to avoid incompletely molded parts.


    MIG Productions Russian tankers set is an attractive addition to almost any WW2 Soviet tank and shows high quality typical for products from Spanish manufacturer. Highly recommended!


Many thanks to MIG Productions for the review sample!


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