Engine Deck
for Panther D Early

MIG Productions
MP 35-112


    MIG Productions set MP35-112 is designed to dress up 1/35 scale model of early Panther D (or maybe the storage boxes are of early type? It is not clear for me). The set comes in a plastic zip-bag stapled to the piece of printed cardboard. Inside the bag are nine cream colored resin parts. Fragile base plate parts are held together with a piece of scotch tape to protect them from damage. On the cardboard flap are several color photos of contents of the set and of various configurations of mounting of included parts on the Panther D model. All parts are shown painted, so pictures provide some useful color hints.

    Included in the set are two base plates, which should be attached to the engine deck of the model, plus six crates in three sizes (two wooden crates and four metal ones) and one metal storage container for the tank side (sponson).

    Casting quality is very high, with no air holes and no flash. Details are very crisp and nice lock (with padlocks on some crates), hinge and handle details are depicted. Subtle wooden texture is replicated on surface of parts where appropriate. Usual resin casting blocks are on all parts and to be removed by cutting or/and sawing and sanding. The base plates are molded with their flat plate parts attached on its whole surface to the pouring block, what means that the only way to free them is tedious careful sanding to correct thickness. It is the most difficult part of preparation of parts and honestly speaking I would recommend using simple rectangular pieces of thin sheet styrene instead, with "legs" cut off from resin part or made from styrene rod.

Contents of the set.
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Close-up of details.
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    MIG set is well done and simple addition to Panther model and thanks to several optional parts provided it will leave some nice crates for your spare parts box and use with other kits/dioramas.

Many thanks to Miguel Jimenez of MIG Productions for the review sample!



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