AFV equipment sets:
7234 M10 Gun Motor Carriage (for Extratech kit)
7235 Sherman (for Revell kit)

Goffy Model 7234, 7235

   Two sets I received from Goffy Model are quite similar: both include sand bag "armor" and various stowage for American World War 2 armored vehicles. The set 7234 includes parts designed to dress Extratech model of M10 Gun Motor Carriage, while set 7235 is for Revell's Sherman kit. Each set comes in a little cardboard box with a small photo of painted set contents attached to the target model on of the box lid. Inside each box is a single resealable zip-bag with all resin parts inside. No instructions are provided.

    Some parts are included in both sets. These are:
- 4 jerry cans
- 2 oil cans
- 2 Thomson guns
- 2 tiny pistols in holsters
- 2 infantry helmets
- 2 tanker helmets
- 2 duffel bags (one open and one tied up)
- 7 rolls of various sizes and shapes (canvas, bedrolls, sleeping bags etc.)
- 2 small backpacks
- larger backpack (two are included in set 7234 and just one in 7235)
- 2 long narrow closed crates
- one smaller closed crate (different size in each set)
- 2 open crates with vegetables inside (one crate is the same in both sets, but the second contains different veggies in each set)

Also in each set we get a bunch of sand bags cast together as one part and designed to fit to the front hull armor of target model (i.e. the part is different in each set).

In addition to common parts listed above in set 7234 we get:
- two additional parts with clusters of smaller bags and rolls
- teddy bear (!).

In set 7235 extra parts are:
- two four link lengths of spare tracks
- two spare idler wheels.

Contents of the set 7234.
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Contents of the set 7235.
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Closeup of parts from set 7234.
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Closeup of parts from set 7235.
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    I have found no air bubbles in parts in both sets and there is just minimal amount of flash. Resin parts are attached to resin casting blocks (in most cases several parts to each block), which have to be removed. It seems to be easy thanks to relatively small contact areas between parts and casting blocks, but some care and a sharp knife or razor saw is required.


    Both sets are very well sculpted and molded and are great addition to small scale armor models. We get enough "goodies" in each set to give our model the busy look usual for American tanks during WW2. Both sets are equally attractive, but teddy bear included in 7234 set makes it really stand out!


Many thanks to Petr Zatrepalek of Goffy Model for the review sample!

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