WWII Luftwaffe machine guns

Goffy Model 7227

   Reviewed set from Goffy Model includes a collection of resin 1/72 scale machine guns for WW2 German Luftwaffe airplanes.

    The set is packed in a small cardboard box with a label attached to the lid with a picture showing painted guns, still attached to the resin pouring blocks. Inside the box is a single heat sealed plastic bag with resin parts inside. No instructions are provided, so you need to use your own references to find out what airplanes the machine guns can be used for.

    The set contains 15 machine guns and 20 ammunition cans molded in cream resin. Included guns are MG15, MG81Z, MG131, MG151 and MG FF (3 pieces of each). Eight ammo cans for MG FF and 12 magazines for MG 15 are provided.

Contents of the set.
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Close-up shot of ammo cans.
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Close-up shot of guns.
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    I compared resin parts to various photos of real guns and they all seem to be quite accurate. Dimensionally they also seem to be almost spot on.

    Molding quality of the set is good, with no air bubbles and very minimal flash. The only problem I noticed is with conical muzzle flash suppressors on several of the guns. For example all three MG131 guns should have such suppressors, but it was present only on one gun and even this one was not fully molded. Also none of MG FF guns  have flash suppressors. In case of MG131 this is definitely a molding problem, as resin did not fill the mold completely at the end of barrel, but in case of MG FF it can be either molding problem or an inaccuracy of the product. Barrels of a few of the guns were slightly bent in my set, but it should be easily correctible after dipping parts in hot water.


    Parts included in Goffy Model set seem to be very attractive additions to many WW2 German airplane models. I expect that they can be used both as a replacements of parts included in kits of bigger Luftwaffe airplanes - where guns were installed in various turrets and canopy or fuselage openings, but can also be used to superdetail fighter airplanes by modelers who want to open access panels and reveal gun compartments, normally hidden inside wings and fuselage.


Many thanks to Petr Zatrepalek of Goffy Model for the review sample!

Goffy Model products are available from Modelimex Online Shop. For other sources, contact Goffy Model at goffymodel@centrum.cz.


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