Modern US tank crew

Goffy Model 7215

   Modern US tank crew set in 1/72 scale made by Goffy Model contains three resin figures. They are packed in a small zip-bag with a thick paper backing with a printed label on it, showing assembled and painted figures.

    There is just one full figure in the set and it is a crew member in a pose suggesting he is giving some maneuvering instructions to the driver. Only his hands in gloves are molded as separate parts. Another figure is a 3/4 one, which can be used as a tank commander or loader and is meant to be put in the open turret hatch. This figure is fully "buttoned up" with goggles over his eyes and scarf covering his whole face. It has both arms molded separately. Third figure is molded from waist up and his arms end at elbows. This obviously is a driver and is meant to be mostly hidden inside the driver's compartment with just the head visible through open hatch.  Scarves on faces suggest that the crew operates in dusty, most likely desert environment. Figures are wearing old PASGT body armor, not currently used Interceptor gear, so are suitable for the first Gulf War 1991 rather than OIF. 

Contents of the set.
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Close-up shot of figures.
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    Figures are exceptionally well sculpted, considering their small size. Details are very crisp. Some of the pockets and pouches are a bit over scale, but it is not a glaring problem. Gas mask bags on the other hand are a bit under scale.

   I noticed a couple of tiny air bubbles, but nothing particularly difficult to fix. No flash is present on parts and resin pouring blocks should not be difficult to remove.

    There are no painting instructions provided, but there are plenty of references available for both woodland and desert "chocolate chip" camouflage used during Desert Storm. Painting desert camo on those small figures can be quite a challenge and some simplification is a necessity.


    Goffy Model modern US tank crew figures are very well sculpted and molded and I highly recommend them to modelers building 1/72 scale models of Bradley vehicle or Abrams tank, particularly in Desert Shield / Desert Storm markings.


Many thanks to Petr Zatrepalek of Goffy Model for the review sample!

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