Modern US troop equipment

Goffy Model 7207

   Czech company Goffy Model offer a very interesting range of 1/72 and 1/35 scale resin accessories for modern and WW2 armor. Reviewed here is a set of Modern US troop equipment in 1/72 scale. The set comes packed in a neat cardboard box with a photo of painted contents of the box on what looks like an inkjet printed label. Inside a box is a single resealable zip-bag with all resin parts inside.

    In the set we get 24 ALICE packs in four varieties: there are 6 large ALICE backpacks and 18 medium ones in three configurations, although six of those are unusual because they lack middle pocket. I'm not sure if such Alice packs exist at all, as all I've seen had standard three large pockets. Very nice feature of resin backpacks from Goffy is that they have details molded on both sides, with straps on the back side which is usually flat and featureless in such scale backpacks. In addition to ALICE packs we also get five food containers (mermite cans), six duffel bags and five rectangular coffee/juice containers (Thanks Scott, Rob & Matt for identifying those!). All duffel bags have open tops with spherical objects inside with some netting texture on them - my guess is that these can be either helmets or basketballs :-)  I would rather say these are basketballs, as it was quite some time since US Army last used netting on their helmets...

Contents of the set.
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Details of ALICE packs. Note the lack of middle pocket on backpacks on the top right and details molded on the back of pack on the top left.
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Close-up shot of drink containers and duffel bags with spherical objects in them.
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    No air bubbles can be found on parts and there is also no flash. Beverage dispensers have tiny and delicate semicircular handles on top of them (two on each can) and most of these were broken off in my set. They are easy to replace with thin copper wire, but some additional filler (styrofoam or bubble wrap) added to the box could have prevented them from breaking off in the first place. Resin parts are attached to pouring blocks (several parts to each block), which have to be removed. It doesn't seem to be particularly difficult, but some care and a sharp knife or razor saw is required.

    There are no painting instructions provided so you need to find your own reference photos.

Goffy set is very well molded and sculpted and I recommend it to modelers building US armor models in 1/72 scale. Some parts in the set may not be quite accurately depicted - like ALICE packs with missing pockets and strange objects in duffel bags, but it shouldn't be a problem in this scale. Most ALICE packs are however very nice and accurate and also mermite cans look fine. All those parts once attached to the model would definitely make it look more interesting.

Many thanks to Petr Zatrepalek of Goffy Model for the review sample!

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