IDF equipment set 1

Goffy Model 3512

   Czech company Goffy Model offer a very interesting range of 1/72 and 1/35 scale resin accessories for modern and WW2 armor. Reviewed here is a set of Israeli Defense Force (IDF) equipment. The set comes packed in a neat cardboard box with a photo of painted contents of the box on an inkjet printed label.

    Inside a box is a single resealable zip-bag with all resin parts inside. No protective filler (foam or bubble wrap) was added, what could potentially cause some damage to more fragile parts, like weapons, but in my set they all survived without any harm.

In the set we get:

- six helmets with details inside and out,

- three UZI sub-machine guns with large fixed butts,

- three Galil SAR machine guns,

- six large water/fuel cans,

- six small water/fuel cans,

- four fuel can holders,

- three duffel bags,

- six body armor vests, three of them with ammo pouches attached,

- two backpacks with Galil launched grenades,

- 10 canvas/blanket rolls in four sizes,

- four wooden crates.

I listed the contents of the set as it appears on the box photo, but in my set there were no wooden crates included. This is a bit worrying as this is the second set from Goffy Models I review and in both some parts were missing. I hope an email to Goffy Model would be enough to get those parts, but I suggest Goffy should pay some more attention to the packing process.

Contents of the set as I received it.
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Close-up shot of some parts reveals very nice and crisp details.
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    All parts in the set are very well molded with crisp and nicely sculpted details. Resin pouring blocks are not very large, although cleanup of some parts would require some attention to avoid damaging them. I have not found any air bubbles on parts in my set and only minimal amount of flash on weapons parts.

    I'm not a specialist in IDF armor and equipment, but one thing always amazed me in scale IDF equipment sets. Most of them include body armor vests. In Goffy set we get six of them. Maybe I'm wrong, but considering hostile environment in which IDF soldiers operate I would rather expect that they carry those things on themselves as often as possible instead of using them to decorate their vehicles :-)  On the other hand we also get helmets and weapons, so maybe including all those parts together makes some sense after all.


    This is another very high quality product from Goffy Model. The lack of a few parts can definitely be an unpleasant surprise for a modeler purchasing the set, but I hope majority of sold products are not defective. Even though my set was no complete, I still got a lot of goodies which would be perfect addition to any IDF vehicle model.

Highly recommended!

 UPDATE: I just received information from Goffy that the set I received was actually sort of a prototype as the 3510 set is a new product and this is the only reason why I didn't get a complete product. Goffy immediately offered to send me missing parts and assured me that each customer would receive them in case of similar problem.

Many thanks to Petr Zatrepalek of Goffy Model for the review sample!

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