US Marine LVT-7 exterior set
(crew equipment and bedrolls)

Goffy Model 3507

   The name of this resin set from Czech company Goffy Model is a bit misleading as it does not include any parts for the LVT7 family vehicles. Instead we get a lot of stowage gear meant for US Marines Amtrac: backpacks, duffel bags etc.. Also as there are MOLLE packs in the set, it should rather be used for AAV7 vehicle - as the name "LVT" was abandoned long before these packs were introduced. But there is actually nothing in the set that would be specific for USMC Amtrac vehicle - all parts included can be used for other vehicles, like Humvees, LAV-25s, M939 series trucks and many others. Also the sheer number of parts means that a few smaller vehicles can be fully equipped with the contents of this one set.

    The set comes packed in a cardboard box - quite big for a resin set: 160 mm x  240 mm x  45 mm - with a photo on the lid showing unpainted parts included in the set attached to the Tamiya AAVP7A1 kit. Inside a box is a single resealable zip-bag with all resin parts inside. There are no real instructions provided - included small sheet of paper includes just basic safety warnings and a suggestion to use pictures of real vehicles to establish correct locations for the gear.

    In the set we get two duffel bags, two large canvas packs (camouflage net?), 10 plastic-type water cans (which look suspiciously similar to parts from Tamiya modern equipment set) and 20 MOLLE packs in five different configurations of sleeping mats, canteens and pouches. Duffel bags and MOLLE packs are exactly the same as in Goffy 3510 set (see review here) - here we just get more of them.

Contents of the set.
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All included resin parts.
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Close-up shot of five variations of MOLLE packs and other parts included in the set.
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    Details on all parts are crisp and look very realistic. A few air bubbles can be found if you really look for them, but most parts are molded flawlessly. Resin pouring blocks should be easy to remove from most part and only on large canvas packs they are big enough to potentially cause some problems.

    There are no painting instructions provided, but pics of MOLLE gear can easily be found on the Internet. For a very good set of photos visit this website:


    Goffy set is not a cheap one - it will cost you 39.00 (32.80 if you are outside EU). But you get quite a lot of resin inside and while the set is described as meant for USMC Amtrac, it can be used for almost any US Marines or US Army vehicle. Sculpting and molding quality is very high and MOLLE packs, which are still not easy to find in 1/35 scale, seem to be quite accurately reproduced.

Highly recommended!

Many thanks to Petr Zatrepalek of Goffy Model for the review sample!

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