Late type weapons ring with
OIF modifications and smoke dischargers
(for Tamiya kit)

Blast Models  BL35050K

    The set reviewed here is one of three resin detail sets for Operation Iraqi Freedom Humvee trucks released recently by Blast Models. This set contains a later type of weapons ring, than the one included in Tamiya kit and a number of various weapon mounts options. Three machine guns are included with ammo cases for each of them. A gun shield is also included, as are four grenade launcher units. This set is packed similarly to other Blast Models Humvee sets and comes in a small clear plastic container. Inside it are two resealable zip-bags with quite big number of parts (61, if I'm not mistaken) molded in cream resin. There is one page instruction sheet included, printed on both sides. You really shouldn't try to proceed with assembly without carefully analyzing photos in instructions first, as some small parts are hard to identify.

Contents of the set.
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Both sides of the instruction sheet.
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    I will not list all the parts in the set, but included are:
        - parts for weapons ring, weapons ring door, weapons support frame,
        - gun shield,
        - M249 machine gun with ammo can and gun mount parts,
        - M2HB machine gun with ammo can and gun mount parts,
        - Mk.19 40mm (grenade) machine gun with ammo can and gun mount parts,
        - four grenade launcher units with mounting brackets.

    Molding quality is flawless. I have not found any air bubbles on parts and amount of flash is minimal. Resin pouring channels are small and very easy to remove as the resin type is easy to work with. Most small details are molded with tiny resin "horns" on them - they were added to make sure that even tiniest details are fully molded, as the resin has this extra space to get into and fully fills the most important parts of the mold.

    New weapons ring parts replace plastic parts from the kit. The upper side of main ring part is very similar to kit part, actually it is quite obvious that it was made by adding and changing some details on the kit part. On the underside however plastic and resin parts look completely different, with accurate details molded in resin and highly simplified in the plastic part. The inner lower part of the ring fits well, if maybe a bit tight, to the hole in the roof and has a line of small holes molded on it. Some of those tiny holes are not fully molded, but it is easy to fix with thin drill bit and even if left as is would not really matter, unless you superdetail the vehicle interior. Foldable doors are nicely detailed on both sides.

    Nicely molded triangular weapon mount support frame is included. It replaces old style part included in Tamiya kit. The resin part requires a little work before it can be attached to the model, as lightening holes in frame sides are molded solid with thin resin film inside.

    Three machine guns are included. M2HB and Mk.19 can be installed on the main weapon support frame and two types of gun cradles and pintle mounts are provided. M249 can be installed on additional triangular support plate in addition to one of other weapons. M2HB and Mk.19 guns parts look very similar to parts in the Tamiya kit and close inspection seems to confirm that resin parts are just improved parts from the kit. The difference is for example that Mk.19 in Tamiya kit is composed of several parts, but has the cradle molded on it. In resin you get the gun molded as one part, but cradle is a separate item. M2HB parts are similarly modified although here some more details have been added. Ammunition case for Mk.19 gun also looks like a copy of plastic part (molded integrally with the mounting bracket) but again improved with some refined details. Large gun shield provided in the set is of the most common standardized type seen on most weapon carrying Humvees in Iraq now.

Weapons ring details are quite similar to those in the kit,
with just small improvements.
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But on the underside of parts difference is obvious.
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Details of weapons ring hatch.
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Lower part of weapons ring fits perfectly to Tamiya kit roof.
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New style weapons support frame.
Thin resin film has to be cut off from lightening holes.
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Various weapons mounts and other detail parts.
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Three types of weapon included in the set.
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Ammo cases.
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    Grenade launcher tubes are molded separately from launcher base, but are shown as loaded with smoke grenades. Showing them as empty requires cutting off protruding grenades and drilling holes in tubes. Mounting brackets and frames are very crisply molded and are almost as thin as photoetched metal parts would be.

Assembled grenade launcher.
Parts are not glued properly yet, so are not quite well aligned.
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    This resin set contains the largest number of parts from all three recently released Blast Humvee detail sets, but surprisingly it is not the most expensive one (BL35051 is 2 more expensive), so it presents good value for money. It is very well researched and designed. Details on all small parts are very crisp and everything is fully and cleanly molded. Some of those parts are very small and fragile, so a lot of caution is needed to avoid braking or losing them. Some experience with resin models or detail sets is required to handle the cleanup and assembly. The set is useful even if you don't build OIF Humvee model, as it includes many parts which are more detailed than those in the kit and some parts which are now installed as standard on newly produced vehicles, like new style weapon support frame.  Highly recommended!

Review sample was purchased and quickly received thanks to excellent service from Blast Models.

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