MiG-29A Fulcrum

Academy 1/48
Aires - resin cockpit set
Eduard - photoetched set
Part - photoethed exhaust nozzles
Hi-Decal - some decals
Cutting Edge - part of mermaid decal

My model is a replica of Polish MiG-29A "Red 67" from 1st Fighter Regiment (1 Pulk Lotnictwa Mysliwskiego) "Warszawa" from Minsk Mazowiecki in 1990 - shortly after its delivery from USSR in 1989, still in original Russian camouflage (colors are not quite correct unfortunately, I admit...) and with minimum weathering. It is armed with two R-27R and four R-60M missiles (all missiles are 100% scratchbuilt - note correct size of my R-27R missiles!).

I printed most of the decals myself, including all blue stencils, most red stencils and "red 67" - only national insignia and some stencils came from Hi-Decal sets, while mermaid (only yellow parts) were cut from Cutting Edge set.

There is A LOT of modifications and scratchbuilt details added to the model - if you know the original Academy kit you will easily spot them. For more information about these modifications see my article in Features section.

Note: this is very old build, finished in 2003.

© Copyright © 2003 - 2021 Pawel "Vodnik" Krupowicz, email: pawel.k at vodnik dot net

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