Shock absorbers for M60A1 / A3 and Magach 6B, 6B GAL, 6B GAL Batash

for AFV Club kits

Elefant 35076
1/35 scale

The Elefant Corporation set is designed to improve AFV Club M60 family of kits (including M728). The kits include workable suspension, but shock absorbers are molded as one-piece parts and not adjustable, which in fact locks the position of three suspension arms on each side of the tank. This isn’t a problem if you don’t plan to make use of the workable suspension feature, but could limit your options if you do (e.g. putting the model on a rough ground diorama). The Elefant set solves this issue by providing multi-part adjustable length shock absorbers, which directly replace the kit ones.

I received review samples of several products from Elefant packed in a single blister pack – I assume this set would be packed in a similar blister for sale. I also received instructions on a small sheet of paper. The instructions show how to prepare kit parts for resin bits and how to assemble three-piece shock absorbers.

The parts themselves were originally 3D printed, but in this particular set we get resin cast copies (Elefant also offer some sets, like M60A3 wind sensors, which are sold as original 3D printed parts, but it’s not one of them). The casting is very clean, crisp and no air bubbles are present. If you look very closely at large magnification you may notice traces of faint printing layer lines on resin parts, but they are otherwise not visible and I think master parts surface may have been smoothed before resin copies were made.

Size-wise the parts are identical to kit parts (except for the length being adjustable now of course), so should be very easy to use. The details on Elefant parts are slightly better than those on kit parts, but to be fair, it is a minor difference and not really relevant for this kind of part.

Another advantage of using Elefant parts over the kit ones – even if you don’t need to adjust suspension geometry – is that there are no mold parting lines on them, which have to be removed from kit parts. The only preparation of Elefant parts needed before assembly is removal of small resin pouring blocks, but it’s very easy and does not require much cleanup.

In conclusion, this is a very well-made set, which enhances the AFV Club kit – mostly when you take advantage of its movable suspension, but if you don’t it still gives you parts that are easier to cleanup and slightly better detailed than the kit ones.

Many thanks to Vladimir Ziska of Elefant Corporation for the review sample!

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