Fire extinguisher operating handle for M48A5 and M60 family - 2 pcs.

Elefant 35013
1/35 scale

The Elefant Corporation set is designed to provide some extra detail to M48A5 and M60 kits – at least that’s how the manufacturer promotes it, although as far as I can tell from reference images, it is also applicable to M48A3 Mod.B tanks as well, which also had the same style of fire extinguisher handle housing.

In the set we receive two sets of 3D printed parts – two of each: very thin and delicate housing/shield and base part with two pipes and tiny handles. If you look at the housing part in extreme magnification you can see tiny lines resulting from layered printing process, but they are barely visible and can be further reduced with light sanding.

Once cut off supporting stubs, the parts fit together precisely to create a very accurate representation of the real thing. If there is anything I don’t like in the set, it would be the position in which the handles are represented. While it is accurate (the handled rotate, so can be in pretty much any position) it just isn’t the look I like – both handles are set almost horizontally with the end of one resting on the end of the other. The result is that they look like one larger bar. Not a big issue or a real problem, but I would prefer both handles to be set more vertically and clearly defined as separate “entities”.

If you build the AFV Club kit I would say that you don’t really need this Elefant set – the parts in the kit are excellent as well and accurate too. But if you build any of the older M60 family kits or even Takom ones, the set nicely enhances this detail compared to what you get in the kit. And one set gives you parts to improve two kits!

Many thanks to Vladimir Ziska of Elefant Corporation for the review sample!

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