Gunsight housing for M48A1/A2, Magach 1 and Magach 2

Elefant 35072
1/35 scale

The Elefant Corporation set corrects an error present in Dragon Models kits of early M48 Patton family kits: M48A1, M48A2 and their IDF “Magach” equivalents.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that the error is partially my mistake… I was involved in the design of Dragon M48A1/A2 kits, but I focused on correcting the hull features (which were very wrong in the original Dragon’s own draft CADs) and while doing that I missed the fact that Dragon designers failed to notice the difference between M48A1/A2 gunner’s sight housing and the one in M48A3 and used the latter in the kit (taken from Dragon A3 kit released earlier)...

The part included in the Elefant set replaces the incorrect M48A3 style housing in M48A1/A2 kits with an accurate early style one. The housing was CAD designed and in the set we get original 3D printed part. In large magnification very small and faint printing layer lines are visible, but they’ll most likely disappear under even a thin layer of paint. To use the part, you first have to cut six small supporting stubs with a knife blade or razor saw (carefully, as 3D printed part is quite brittle) and clean the bottom surface of part with a sanding stick.

As far as I can tell, looking at my reference photos, the housing is very accurate in shape.

In conclusion, obtaining the Elefant set is a simple and effective way to correct the mistake in Dragon kits and improve the accuracy of your model.

Many thanks to Vladimir Ziska of Elefant Corporation for the review sample!

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