Steel wheels with mud shield for M26/46/47/48A1 first series

Elefant 35068
1/35 scale

This set is very similar to the set of later style pressed steel wheels w/o mud shield, which I reviewed earlier (link to review), so here I will only describe differences between two sets.

The most obvious difference is of course the fact that this set includes earlier style wheels with mud shields, as commonly used on M26, M46 and early M47 tanks and also on very early M48 ones too.

Another difference is that in this set the hubs are cast in pairs, not individually and while the details of the hubs and caps are identical to those in the other reviewed set (including the minor printing flaws!), the attachment to the wheel is a bit different. Here the pins on the flange around the hub are slightly longer, so when you put them in holes in the inner wheel, they stand somewhat proud of the wheel flange surface. This time though, the outer wheels have slight recesses in them to accept those protruding pins. This also means that you have to attach the outer wheel more carefully to make sure the pins find their corresponding holes. In my set, once again, tolerances were so tight, that I had to enlarge holes in inner wheels a little bit and also enlarge the recesses in the outer wheels, to assure proper fit. Easy to do, but for 14 wheels it takes a bit of time…

The wheels look just as accurate as the ones in the previous set I reviewed. But please note that in this set (at least at the time I write this review) you get the same late style hub caps as in the other set, while the earlier tanks for which this set is most suitable, usually had different earlier style caps. These are small parts and most people would never be able to tell the difference, but purists out there may want to wait for Elefant to release earlier style hubs, which they plan to do soon.

I should mention that in my review sample I received 15 outer wheels and only 13 inner ones, instead of 14 of each – obviously a packing mistake. Elefant promised to send me the missing inner wheel quickly when I contacted them about it – good service! I will update this review once I get the correct part. Hopefully it is a rare incident, but if you happen to have similar bad luck as I had, I’m sure Elefant will also provide you with correct parts if you contact them.

Highly recommended if you need this style of wheels on your model and the kit does not provide it (e.g. Takom M47) or you just want to improve the details and accuracy over the kit parts.

Many thanks to Vladimir Ziska of Elefant Corporation for the review sample!

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