M26 Dragon Wagon

Tamiya + Tasca  1/35

The model, as most of my WW2 models, is built "almost out of the box". This means that it is quite far from pure out of the box, but is even farther from my usual super detailed, full of AM stuff and accurized modern armor builds.

The basic tank transporter model is of course a Tamiya kit. The only aftermarket parts here are window shields from Royal Models (the kit ones were awfully thick), tractor wheels from Panzer Art (only because I was lazy - the trailer wheels are original Tamiya parts, but the cleanup of tires required so much work, that I decided to buy resin replacements for the tractor) and custom length cables from Eureka XXL (thanks Stefan!) for winches. I also used a few sizes of chains (from A-Line) and turnbuckles (Tichy Train). I added a few scratchbuilt details here and there, but not many - superdetailing was NOT my goal here (this project dragged for well over two years even without it!) - some items worth a mention are blankets in the cab, ratchet chain hoists, bars protecting the tool trays on the cab, and various straps. The .50 cal on the tractor cab is a Tasca part from the M4A3(76)W riding on the trailer.

The tank is a Tasca M4A3(76)W with separately ordered Tasca sand shields (from one of their Sherman IIs I think). The canvas covered .50 cal MG is a Panzer Art product. The canvas cover on the main gun barrel and on the glacis MG barrel are scratch built. This tank was the first "victim" of the new "Son of the Sherman" book - it was already fully built and painted when I finally received my preordered book. But after a short study of the book, I realized that a few details are not quite right, so I added a couple of parts to the model to make it better represent a late CDA production tank. Then I had too repaint the model and apply correct serial number... The tracks on the model are DS-Styrene parts from Dragon - I kept Tasca T48 tracks for a different model, as they have better shaped rubber chevrons and these are hardly visible on this model. If you look very carefully at photos you may notice a subtle articulation of the VVSS parts - I attempted to show that the tank was stopped after being driven an inch or two up the ramp at the front end of the trailer - such tricks are only possible with the Tasca suspension!

Generally the model is supposed to represent an old and heavily weathered M26 delivering a brand new tank from the depot to the frontline unit (so the tank is combat-ready - with all the OVM tools attached and the MG on the turret). So the tank transporter is covered with flat, faded, scratched and dirty paint, while the tank has a fresh and a little shiny paint on it and is almost clean.

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