Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge
(MLC 85)

AFV Club hull, scratchbuilt bridge
and AVLB components with a few parts from Dragon M48 AVLB kit


As Dragon AVLB models are horribly inaccurate, I used AFV Club M60A2 hull for this model and scratchbuilt the rest, using only a few parts from Dragon M48 AVLB kit (in that one at least the hull is usable for some future project, while their M60 AVLB kit is entirely useless...). The biggest parts used from the Dragon kit were DS tracks and tread-ways (surface plates only) for the bridge, although the needed serious modifications and are still not accurate, but at least look somewhat passable.
Covered smoke grenade launchers are from Def.Model. Most markings are printed by me, only three small ones on the hull come from the AFV Club kit.
The model is not entirely accurate, as some compromises were necessary in bridge dimensions to use (modified) tread-ways from the Dragon kit. Also I found some references too late and some details are not quite how they should be.

Here are links to photos showing the kit during construction and some comparisons with Dragon one:
- part 1
- part 2

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